The Optimistan Circle

I have the same opinion as Pierre Rabhi: Society will change when our way of thinking is based on moral and ethical principals.

Everyone has the duty to work on himself in order to assume responsibility and consciousness in this regard. There is an almost sacred aspect: we should consider life as a magnificent gift, a gift to be cherished and conserved. It’s about having a very natural way of being, a rather simple existence: I am part life’s mystery, part of the enigma of what it is to be alive. I am not and cannot be independent of my surroundings, of nature, of life. I am connected, I am aware of this, and I am happy to be so. That is when the basic question comes up: what does it mean to be alive? We seem to have chosen frenzy as a normal way of life, and consequently we invent tools and concepts to go with it, to support it. Time is money, productivity, time competiveness in sports It’s OK to risk heart or lungs for a hundredth of a second. Extraordinary, isn’t it? For as long we fight against passing time, what we gain with our planes, our computers, cars and so on, makes us forget that it isn’t time that passes by, it is we who pass by. We miss life itself. Our heart and breathing rhythms ought to remind us that at every second we are bound by the rhythm of nature and the universe. Does collective intelligence really exist? I’m not sure, but personally I do my best to connect to ideas that seem to me to be less influenced by trepidation and subjectivity, towards what we might call universal intelligence. This kind of intelligence, which is not full of humanity’s tribulations, is knowledge, awareness and logic which relates to both the macrocosm and microcosm of nature. This is what I sense in the smallest of nature’s seeds, and equally in the great processes and manifestations of life. Confronted with the immensity of life’s mystery, I tend to believe that our reason for being is “enchantment”. We are not here just to produce and consume, to get caught up and worn out in the mechanism of an infernal machine. Nevertheless, we are to a great degree reduced to this state by our brainless civilisation where financial considerations transcend all, and where, even if transient pleasure be possible, fundamental satisfaction is not available. We might have millions and millions of euros, but they are incapable of giving us real joy, because joyfulness is an immaterial concept. This supreme gift that we seek, consciously or not, relates to our ability to enjoy complete satisfaction in our existence. If we can get to this state of enchantment, we can create a shared symphony, shared “vibrations”, a collective subconscious. No matter if we are believers or not, if we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, agnostic or atheist; we will find there everything we could wish for. Together we will have eliminated our differences in favour of the supreme harmony that this enchanted intelligence gives us. But to imagine that we can somehow create this enchantment comes from conceit; we have to think of ourselves as receptors, that is to say aware of and ready to receive the gifts and beauty of life; with humility, gratitude, delight and jubilation. Isn’t it there that fulfilment in life is to be found? If you are tempted by this journey, by this adventure, come and join us! What is the connection between Optimistan, Optimists without Borders, the League of Optimists of the Kingdom of Belgium and the Optimistan Circle? Optimistan is a metaphoric state of which all members of our movement are members. It is that State of Consciousness described by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, by which the more the world becomes complex, the more we have to raise the state of consciousness of it. Optimistan does not have a legal identity, but I hope that one day, every Optimist will receive an Optimistan passport: Optimistan, the State of Consciousness. Optimists without Borders ( is the head association of the Optimist movement. Its basic mission is to assure coherence between the national leagues, currently Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Benin, and before long, Switzerland and Spain. It also takes charge of scientific research. Its Board of Directors is made up of some 30 people from widely different origins. Every existing or new national league is represented on the board of Optimists without Borders, for which the presidency changes each year. The League of Optimists of the Kingdom of Belgium ( – is the movement’s Belgian branch. The Optimistan Circle addresses an oft expressed need from league members, to meet regularly in a real study community, a group of thought and action, and – why not? – a pressure group.